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Kiss the Anus of a Black Cat…

… live in Naherholung Sternchen, Berlin am 18.1.2013.

Tickets hier.

Stef from KTAOABC


Protected: sehnsucht nach halt => liebe?

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Gewalt der Liebe

Ich glaube an das Mysterium des Lebens.
Ich glaube an die Gewalt der Liebe und der Untreue.
Ich glaube an das schmerzlich Unberechenbare unseres Tuns.

I believe in the mystery of life.
I believe in the force of love and infidelity.
I believe in the painful unpredictability of our actions.


ach ja, und weil icke nüsch besseres zu tun hab: hier mal ein comic meinerseits freundlicherweise. lang lebe der DER ANUS EINER SCHWARZEN KATZE.


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smash – a-haa! (aggressor of the universe)

location: still not my flat
who’s nearby: dearest sister snoring softly
mood: discontent
music: R.E.M – Me in honey
gut feeling: I need to martial-art again

Ha, this is weird. A week ago my doc told me to change a few things in my life, predominantly abolish things I consume or simply use for hygiene, nutrition and medication in general. The reason for that I don’t want to share with the public, but it definitely seems to have an effect on my mood.
These days the heart is a wilderness. My brain is going nuts. I had to flee into the jungle of Berlin’s streets. Smashed a few things to bits and got a complaint. Right now I just want to destroy every bin and bottle in my way, fuck gladly everyone I see and race the cars on the main road. Did nothing of that though concerning no 2 there’s a looming option, however he’s too decent and I don’t want decency right now. I returned after dark. Did not implement any of my desires. Hence the nervous energy is still there. The first thing I did was looking up a martial arts school nearby. Tomorrow 8.30 pm. Done and done. I am a radiating fuel rod.

Every new day has unexpected emotions up its sleeve.

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