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Neutrale Berichterstattung gesucht

Bevor ich im Bereich internationale Berichterstattung zu Al Jazeera wechselte, zählte BBC zu meiner Hauptnachrichtenquelle. Heute taugt der Sender fast nur noch zu kostspielig produzierten Serien und Historienfilmen.

Kurzer Blogeintrag zum Thema Mediengewalt in der Gesellschaft von Léo Taxil.

Wohl bekomm’s.




“New World” – Spray Paint on Canvas by Me…

Ray Ferrer - Emotion on Canvas

“New World”
24″ x 20″ x 1.5″
Spray Paint on canvas by Me

This is one of my older pieces.  I am finally putting it up.

I created this piece in 2012 because I was inspired by the perseverance of those during and after The Great Depression.  I wanted to capture the determination of someone who was willing to stop at nothing to secure a future for themselves and their family.  Someone who had the tenacity and strength to make it happen!  I love this piece.

This piece has shown in galleries all over the US and internationally.  I am finally making it available to the public.

Available here –>  NEW WORLD

"New World" 24" x 20" Ray Ferrer - 2012 “New World”
24″ x 20″
Ray Ferrer – 2012

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Apparently I will think you are boring.

Don’t date a girl that travels. Yeah… I feel bad now.

Secret Santa



I love my friends: for stocking up my alcohol vorrat, for keeping me safe during sexy time and for 15x “Show me your Genitals” fun on CD.


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